How to launch the next generation AI startup in 2025?

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Kelvin Htat

Kelvin Htat

Founder & CEO

Published at 26 June 2024

How to launch the next generation AI startup in 2025?

The world of AI is growing rapidly with 36.5% CAGR, and 2025 is the best time to build your own AI startup. If you're an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking AI startup idea, this guide will help you navigate the complexities of launching an AI startup in this dynamic landscape. We will explore the critical steps to validate your idea, build a compelling online presence, develop cutting-edge AI solutions, and ensure your startup thrives in the competitive tech industry.

Understanding the AI landscape in 2025

Before diving into the specifics of launching your AI startup, it's crucial to understand the current state of the AI industry. By 2025, AI will have integrated further into various sectors such as healthcare, finance, automotive, and entertainment, among others. With large language models such as OpenAI's GPT and Anthropic Claude are getting more and more popular, they are becoming more accessible to publi. It creates new opportunities for new startups to solve different problems.

Validating your AI Startup idea

The first step in launching an AI startup is validating your idea. This involves ensuring that there is a market need for your solution and that your idea is feasible.

Market research

For AI startups, traditional market research methods are essential, but social media unlocks a treasure trove of real-time customer insights. Platforms like Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook Groups provide a window into user needs and industry trends.

Track relevant hashtags on Twitter to see what people are discussing, delve into niche subreddits on Reddit for in-depth discussions, and join industry groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to directly connect with potential customers and understand their challenges. By strategically using social listening tools to analyze these platforms, you can gather valuable qualitative data on user opinions, pain points, and desired features.

When it comes to analysing and validating market, Frederick AI enables you to quickly automate your research process using AI. Once you decided to launch, it also provides a website builder for you to quickly create your business website.

Early traction

Gaining early traction is very important to determine whether your startup has a market need. These tractions can be either early waitlist signups or presale revenue. It is popular for early stage startup to offer life time deal for their SaaS product. However, it has both pros and cons.

Just to validate the idea, designing and building a complete website on Wix, Squarespace, or Webflow can be time consuming and costly. On Licode, you can easily launch join waitlist or presale landing pages fast in just a few clicks with Licode Page.

For more about how you can prelaunch with coming soon page, please check out our previous article: How to pre-launch your startup idea before it is ready in 2025?

Developing your first product version

After the validation, now you are ready to build your first MVP. It can be quite overwhelming when you started building your first version. There are many ways you can build your product. If you are a coder, the method is very straightforward. You would start writing code in your favourite programming languages and frameworks.

If you don't know how to code, it's not the end of the world. There are many solutions you can use to help yourself build your first version. Hiring a dev agency can cost you significantly amount of money. Therefore, the best solution would be to utilise No-code solution. There are various types of no-code platform exists, each has their own use case.

For AI products, no-code platform like Licode can help you achieve building a web application that is natively powered by AI by default. Licode supports frontend builder as well as custom AI model builder and built-in database. You can easily brings the AI functionalities alive for your app using Licode's action flow builder. With the ability to integrate with third-party automation tools like Make and Zapier.

Finally, launching your MVP in the market

Once you are ready with your product, the most exciting part is launching it to the market. It is simply and easy, you just need to start today.

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