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Leverage the power of GPT-4, DALL-E, and other LLMs. Build AI products without code. Scale with code without hassle.


Licode provides your app with built-in AI infrastructure, enabling your AI functionalities to run out of the box in your web app.

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Licode makes it easier for everyone to build and launch their AI-enabled web apps without any technical or design barriers.

Code export

Export code in modern programming frameworks that your future software engineering team can work on. Scale without limit.

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AI App Builder

Prompt App

Create and launch web-based custom GPT Apps in minutes - all no coding is required.

Web App Builder

Web App

Build a production ready full-stack web application with AI functionalities for your end users out of the box. Extend with custom code or export to modern programming frameworks.

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API Builder

API Backend

Build and deploy standalone AI-enabled backend functions with drag-and-drop which you can integrate with any frontend.

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