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Abnormal Security

Advanced email protection to prevent credential phishing, business email compromise, account takeover, and more.

What is it

Abnormal Security provides an email security solution using AI to protect against various email threats. It seamlessly integrates into existing systems, automates security processes, and helps reduce overall security costs, making it a cost-effective choice for modern organizations.

Key Features

  • Cloud-native, API-based architecture for quick and easy integration: integrates seamlessly into existing systems.
  • Behavioral AI engine that adapts to organizational patterns: uses AI-driven behavioral analysis to adapt to communication patterns within an organization
  • Comprehensive protection against inbound and account takeover attacks: provides protection against inbound threats and account takeovers.
  • Email Security Posture Management to alert on risky changes: monitors and alerts organizations of changes to email security posture.
  • Email Security Operations for automated response and remediation: automates response and remediation, enhancing security.


  • Blocks various email attacks, including phishing and business email compromise, improving overall security.
  • Rapid installation with minimal setup or operational overhead, minimizing the burden on IT teams.
  • Automates security operations, significantly reducing manual efforts and improving efficiency.
  • Provides multi-channel protection beyond traditional email, offering comprehensive protection across various communication channels.
  • Trusted by leading global enterprises, indicating its reliability and effectiveness.


  • Some organizations may need to refine their security protocols during the initial setup.


Abnormal Security offers a robust, AI-driven solution to modern email security challenges. Its ease of integration, comprehensive protection capabilities, and automated operations make it a valuable asset for organizations of all sizes, especially those seeking a proactive approach to security with minimal operational overhead.

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