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Developed engineering leadership growth solution.

What is it

Ace is an AI co-pilot designed specifically for engineering leadership. It streamlines team management and personal growth, benefiting both engineering managers and developers.

Key Features

  • Automates mentorship, growth, and feedback processes
  • Provides a skill matrix and facilitates OKR creation and tracking
  • Assists in managing meetings efficiently
  • Identifies potential burnout risks
  • Assists in identifying high-potential performers
  • Provides productivity insights and recommendations
  • Offers access to a curated knowledge base


  • Supports engineering managers in developing their people skills
  • Benefits developers with personalized feedback and mentorship recommendations
  • Enhances team management by streamlining processes
  • Assists HR and talent development in tracking growth and promoting a culture of continuous learning


The pricing of Ace may vary depending on the size and needs of the organization. It is recommended to contact the vendor for specific pricing information.


Ace is a highly effective AI tool for engineering leadership that streamlines team management, enhances skill development, and promotes continuous growth within development teams. It offers a comprehensive range of features that cater to the unique needs of engineering managers, developers, and organizations as a whole.

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