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Elevate Your Conversations with Actual Chat

What is it

Actual Chat is an innovative communication tool that redefines the way we connect. This advanced platform seamlessly integrates real-time audio, live transcription, and AI assistance to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of conversations.

Key features

  • Real-Time Audio and Transcription: Experience the best of both worlds with live transcription that transforms spoken words into written text in real time.
  • Flexible Listening Options: Choose to listen to the chat like a traditional call or read through the live transcription, ensuring no moment is missed, and conversations can be revisited effortlessly.
  • Anonymity Option: Maintain privacy and control by hiding accounts during a chat. This feature allows users to communicate through live transcription without transmitting voices.
  • Speech Clarity Enhancement: Receive instant transcription, promoting speech clarity, reducing filler word usage, and improving overall communication.


  • Versatile Use Cases: Actual Chat shines in various scenarios, including: Family and Friend Chats, Remote Team Communication, Webinars and Online Classes, Presentations, Customer Support.
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility: Actual Chat is designed to support individuals in various environments, making communication inclusive for all, including those in loud surroundings or with hearing impairments.


  • Information not provided.


Actual Chat goes beyond traditional communication tools, offering a blend of audio and transcription features that cater to diverse needs. Elevate your conversations, boost productivity, and foster effective communication with Actual Chat. Experience the future of connectedness – try Actual Chat today!

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