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AI directory Advacheck


Help your students to support academic integrity standards

What is it

Advacheck is a plagiarism checker that checks both text and image similarities in scientific and student papers. Its advanced algorithms scan files and URLs in various languages, detecting paraphrased content and performing image scans to ensure the originality of the submitted work.

Key features

  • Universal Plagiarism Detection: Checks for plagiarized content in both text and image formats across a wide range of document types.
  • Multi-Language Support: Scans content in multiple languages, making it suitable for diverse linguistic materials.
  • Paraphrased Content Detection: Identifies plagiarized content, even if it has been rephrased or paraphrased.
  • Image Scans: Incorporates a search engine to detect plagiarized images and identify modifications or alterations.


  • Comprehensive plagiarism detection in both text and image formats.
  • Support for multiple languages, ensuring wide applicability.
  • Effective detection of paraphrased content, preventing unintentional plagiarism.
  • Image scan feature ensures the integrity of image-based content.
  • Versatile use cases for academic institutions, scientific journals, individual researchers, and content platforms.


  • The accuracy of plagiarism detection may vary depending on the quality and uniqueness of the original content.
  • Extensive scans may take longer compared to basic plagiarism checkers.


Advacheck is a powerful and versatile plagiarism detection system that offers multi-language support and a comprehensive approach to detecting similarities in both text and image formats. Its advanced algorithms and image scanning capabilities ensure the integrity of academic and scientific work, making it a valuable tool for maintaining academic integrity, ensuring the originality of publications, and verifying the originality of content before publication or sharing.

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