Licode is now an Antler's portfolio company

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Kelvin Htat

Kelvin Htat

Founder & CEO

Published at 11 September 2023

Licode is now an Antler's portfolio company

Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey. Licode has secured a pre-seed round of funding from Antler VC.

In May 2023, we participated in Antler AU09 Cohort in Sydney, Australia. It has been an enlightening and enriching experience. We were fortunate enough to be surrounded by innovative and creative founders in the cohort. With invaluable mentorship, coaching, and a global network of innovators and investors from Antler, we are very excited for Licode's upcoming milestones.

We're just getting started 🚀

This pre-seed investment is fuel for our rocket ship. Our mission at Licode is to democratise software development by making modern software development frameworks more accessible to everyone through no-code and AI solutions. We believe that ownership of source code is part of the true democratisation of software development.

"Code is the core DNA of any software. The nature of the software development lifecycle is that you always iterate and evolve. An MVP often tends to become the final product. With code, there is absolute flexibility to refactor as the product grows.

So, I believe that anyone who builds software in any method should have the ownership of the source code."

Kelvin Htat, Founder & CEO

Building software with a no-code method is still software development.

No-code is not a new technology. It has been around for a while. There are many platforms that allow people who don't know how to code to visually build interactive applications with a drag-and-drop mechanism. This method, while convenient, comes with considerable limitations. However, it gets the work done. So, such platforms have been used for building prototypes or MVPs to validate business ideas.

However, during the Covid pandemic, we've observed significant changes. The unpopular no-code development method has emerged and become a well-known product development method, especially among early-stage startups. It is now part of the startup ecosystem due to the expensive software development cost and shortage of technical co-founders.

We are now seeing no-code platforms being used for building fully functional SaaS or other customer-facing products. These platforms usually lock you into the platform, which is the biggest drawback as it can escalate costs when you hit the thresholds. When you are building a tech startup, no-code can be a good start, however, it can be a disaster with the vendor lock-in when it's time to scale up the features.

"Technology is not expensive. Code is not expensive. Software development is not expensive. It's the developer resources that are expensive. It doesn't matter whether you are building MVP or post-MVP, you are still paying developers the same hourly rate.

Programming frameworks are the most beautiful part of the software development. Modern frameworks such as VueJS, ReactJS, Laravel, NextJS, TailwindCSS have made developers life so much easier. With pre-built packages, libraries and UI Kits, only if you know how to code, you can build your first MVP within a week to go live, without hiring any professional developer.

Visual building blocks for app development is not enough to democratise software development. The missing piece is making those frameworks accessible to anyone."

Kelvin Htat, Founder & CEO

Licode exists to bridge the gap between early-stage software development and later engineering team.

The goal of Licode is to provide the solution for non-technical builders, entrepreneurs, founders and business users to build a software that can be continuously improved and scaled. With Licode, users build their apps within software develoment frameworks. This allows users to export their apps in the modern programming frameworks that most engineers are familiar with when they hit the platform's limit or ready to scale with their engineering team.

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